seisdemayo (seisdemayo) wrote,

Overlapping Worlds - Part I

Title: Overlapping Worlds
Pairing: Sehun/Kai
Rating: G
Summary: They live in the same house, in the same space, at the same time. In the same world, but not really.
A/N: I just don't really know...

Sehun woke up to the soft sound of drizzle outside his window, a few drops splattering against the concrete pavement behind the walls of Sehun's quiet spacious bedroom. Mentally awake, he felt the light striking brightly behind his closed eyelids, making him uncomfortable as if urging him to get up. He shifted his position, his back against the window, against the sunlight that's openly entering his bedroom like the whole world is his room and his room alone. He likes sunshines, he likes how they bring out the color in everything they shine on. He likes the warmth it gives him whenever there is the weird company of rain in a sunny day, like today, he mentally notes. Above all, sunshine meant a day after a night. Another day added to his life. His life he had not found any meaning to, yet. But it's something he looks forward to all the same.

It took him five more minutes before he finally decided to get up and immediately checked on the time. 11:56AM. He sure had slept longer than usual. In the midst of fixing his hair, or rather ruffling it more, he heard an engine speed up away from outside. He came to a quick conclusion that it must be one of his neighbor's visitors, or someone who had moved in next to his house. The thought of a new neighbor excited him, but apparently he dismissed the idea because he's just that bad at making friends. The only friend he had was back in China and they couldn't get in contact too often because the other was busy with school. While he's just an average kid who doesn't seem to have anything exciting his life has to offer.

He was finally changing from his PJs into his ordinary clothes and was about to leave the bedroom when someone accidentally came in. Or so he thought it was an accident.

Another boy, probably only a few months older than him, almost just as tall as him, with skin a darker shade than his, and hair as black as coal, stood frozen at the doorway of the bedroom. His eyes round and wide from shock, and Sehun stood across the room, almost as if mimicking the other boy's expression.

"Who are you-"
"Who are you-"

They spoke at the same time. Sehun glanced at his bed, looking for things he can grasp if ever the boy comes closer and suddenly attacks him. He had heard of this before, people entering your house without permission to rob you. But in midday?! Sehun tried to compose himself in front of the unfamiliar boy across the room, trying to act tough just in case it scares him away. However, the other boy just stared at him in shock, in disbelief as if he was the one who shouldn't be in the room. Sehun repeated his question.

"Who are you?" He demanded.

"Who are you?" The boy responded with the same question. He must have recovered from the shock since he straightened up his posture and crossed his arms on his chest. "Are you a pervert?"

He gave Sehun a onceover, and Sehun had his one arm successfully into the sleeve of his shirt, the other still halfway done, leaving him vertically half-topless. Sehun quickly pushed his arm into the other sleeve and pulled down his shirt to his waist frantically.

"Just who are you?" That was all he could say as his cheeks warmed up from his intruder's remark.

"I'm Kai," replied the other boy, Kai. He calmly walked into the room, giving Sehun curious glances, while Sehun tensed as his body followed to face wherever this boy, Kai, was going to. He stopped at the other end of Sehun's bed, just directly facing Sehun.

"And you would be?" Kai interjected right before Sehun was about to say something.

"Why would you I tell you. You should get out." Sehun pointed to the door, but realized it too late that it's a mistake as his finger started shaking in slight fear.

"I wouldn't mind knowing, really. If you weren't in my bedroom." Kai said matter-of-factly.

"Your room? This is my room." Sehun composed himself again. He can handle this. There's a person in his room who's close to being a lunatic, or maybe a real lunatic, but he can handle him. He is not going to lose his bedroom to a freak showing up in someone's door when they're trying to get dressed. A pervert, the real pervert, he thought to himself and felt better for convincing himself that the real pervert is not him.

"Excuse me?" Kai sounded genuinely confused. And Sehun was more confused. "I happen to just move in today and you happen to appear out of nowhere. In my bedroom, in particular."

Sehun got more convinced that this Kai is just straightforwardly crazy. He let out a laugh that's meant to mock but it turned out into a nervous one. Did he say he just moved in today? Oh shit. She has done it. Sehun's eyes widened. His mother has done it.

"Shit." Sehun cursed and sped out the door, holding his palm up to Kai as if to tell him to wait and stay still.

Sehun punched numbers into the phone on the wall and put the receiver onto his ear. She had told him to call only if there's an emergency, and damn this, selling the house without him knowing is an emergency.

"What?" A voice you would imagine belonging to a crow-like face with sharp eyes came on after three rings. "I thought I told you to-"

"MOM!!! You sold the house?! How can you sell the house without telling me! What were you thinking!" Sehun shouted at the speaker, unconcerned that Kai had followed him to the living room.

"Who told you I sold the house! Why are you calling me at this time! I did not sell the house!" The woman at the other end matched up his tone, and Sehun had to pull the receiver a few centimeters away from his ear.

"But there's someone in the house today. He said he just moved in and... and..." He trailed off. What was he thinking? Kai was simply lying and he fell for it. He must be really a burglar, or even a murderer, except he doesn't look like one. But still.

"Then get rid of him yourself. I'm busy with my friends today. I'm not coming home. Don't call me ever again unless you're bleeding out. Bye." The dial tone turned into monotone and he knew she's not on the line anymore.

"Get out of my house." He turned around to find Kai comfortably sitting on the couch. The latter did not move away but instead leaned more onto the couch.

"Tell me, are you faking it?" There was amusement on Kai's face as he glanced over at Sehun. "What did your 'mom' tell you over the phone?"

Sehun didn't understand what he was implying at first. And then it hit him, was he actually trying to say that Sehun acted as if he was speaking to someone on the phone to cover up for his lie? The lie that the house belongs to him? Which actually belongs to him, and never in his life would he be mistaken about it.

"This is my house. She did not sell the house to anyone. Your claims are unsupported, you lunatic."

That finally ticked Kai off, althought he kept his composure. He arrived early in the morning to an empty house, to a house he had bought himself to live alone away from home. And then this boy, Sehun, just randomly popped out of his bedroom when he was about to fix the room after unpacking some of his things.

"Then how would you explain the things around you? This." Kai pointed at a picture frame on the wall. He isn't someone who puts up his faces on his belongings, but this picture is of him and his friends from home he had put up in the morning of his arrival.

"What? That's my picture." Sehun raised an eyebrow at him.

"What?" Kai surveyed him with his eyes. It clearly is a picture of him and his friends he had put up especially in the living room.

"This, is my picture too." Sehun grabbed a random frame on the wall. "And this is my mother." Sehun pointed at the top of the wall with the picture of a woman in her 20s. She wanted that picture of her in the house even though she practically doesn't come home anymore.

Kai stared blankly at the empty space Sehun was pointing at.

"What." His eyes darkened. He wasn't expecting that to happen. What was actually happening?

Sehun breathed triumphantly as he had rendered Kai speechless. "So would you leave my house now?"

Kai stared at Sehun once again. This time, he was looking at each detail of him. His eyes, his nose, his lips, his hair, his skin, his arms, his hands, his legs. That made Sehun feel uncomfortable.

"What are you still waiting for?" He said quietly as Kai continued staring at him.

"What time is it?" Kai asked.

Sehun looked at him weirdly but glanced at the wall clock behind Kai anyway.

"It's 12:10."

Kai rolled up his sleeve and checked the time. It read the same, 12:10.

"What day is it?"

"May 1."


"Is this a quiz or something?" Sehun asked impatiently but Kai remained quiet with a puzzled look on his face. Sehun sighed and answered, "2012."

"Nothing wrong with time." Kai muttered.

"What?" Sehun was starting to feel weirded out by this crazy boy he's having a conversation with. He still doesn't understand why he's not shoving him out the door when he has the right to, but he admits that he might not be strong enough to do that. He just followed Kai's gaze as the latter looked around him.

"What do you see below the front door?" Kai threw another random question.

"A rug." Sehun almost added a duh.

"What color?"

"Red." Sehun was quite determined that after his next question, he would have to pull him out of the house himself.

Green. Kai was seeing green. "That's weird."

"Yes, you are weird." Sehun concluded. Kai didn't seem to mind his comment.

"Now, will you go-" he was going to pull him out but Kai looked at him suddenly.

"Sehun." Sehun stopped midway towards Kai. The sudden call of his name surprised him. He looked straight at Kai who was also looking at him.

"Are you dead?"

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Tags: exo, kai, overlapping worlds, sehun, sekai
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