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library!sex before the search for time

warning: lame smut and terrible everything, as always

Ring ring ring.

An alarm goes off in the far corner of Sehun's mind. At first, it's a soft buzzing sound echoing in the background of his dream.

He's standing on a snowy ground, alone, under the vast blue sky in his dream. He could tell it's a dream given that it never snows from where he's from. So Sehun stretches out his hand to catch a flake; to know how it actually feels on his skin.

But the buzzing sound is turning into a loud distracting noise. Sehun looks up at the sky to find where it's coming from. His forehead creased, annoyance evident on his face.


Sehun opens his eyes all of a sudden. Gasping, as if his dream has sucked him so deep it all became too hard to breathe. The alarm stops.

"Good morning!" A deep slightly hoarse voice greets him in his ear and he turns his head just in time to see his lover's face an inch away from his.

Sehun closes his eyes for a second and opens them again to look at the clock situated at the back of Jongin's head.


Somehow, he finds himself awake at exactly this time everyday. Thanks to his boyfriend.

A pair of lips crash onto his before he could even look back at the expectant eyes of Kim Jongin. No, there's no time to look at his eyes when he's being pushed back hard on the bed so early in the morning.

Sehun has only registered that Jongin's tongue is currently in his mouth when he feels his legs being trapped in between the stronger ones of the more aggressive one. A small moan elicits from his mouth when a perfectly familiar hand rubs the skin above his hip.

"Jongin." Comes Sehun's muffled call.

Jongin hasn't let go of his lips and is still currently exploring his mouth expertly.

When Sehun found the right time to push the tiger back, he draws a huge breath and plants a hand on the other's chest.

"I need to go to work."

"I know." Jongin smiles beautifully as if he hasn't been ravaging him like a beast moments ago. He grins like a kid before getting off of Sehun's middle, giving him space.

"I just missed you."

Sehun raises an eyebrow. If being separated for a few hours after they stayed up all night jumping on each other's bare bodies makes Jongin miss him so much and causes him to act this way, he probably shouldn't be away from him for too long.

"Come on, sleeping beauty. I'll send you to work." Jongin laughs a little and pats Sehun's thigh before he wipes the side of Sehun's mouth where he sees a trace of his own saliva.

Sehun grumbles but gets up anyway because he sees Jongin preparing two towels instead of one. And he's sure he's going to get wetter in the shower.

Sehun doesn't remember how he started this kind of relationship with Jongin. In fact, he doesn't remember how they ended up together. All he knows is that he's been with Jongin for the longest time he could remember, and ever since they've been too in love with each other. By in love, as in they're glued by the hips and they know each and every curve of each other's bodies.

With Jongin, Sehun sees life as a blissful blur where Jongin is the only vivid image present in a colorful abstract work of art.

Like how, right now, he doesn't remember how he's gotten off of the diner taking orders, and is now sitting deep in the library facing the window where he could see the sun setting on the horizon painting the sky a beautiful tint of red.

Red, like Jongin's polo shirt. He admits that Jongin looks best in this color and he thinks it's the same reason why Jongin likes to keep wearing the said bright hue.

Sehun looks around and traces his fingers on the shelf of the pile of books under the category "History". A certain old thick book sitting at the top of the shelf catches his eye. Moving forward to reach for it, he feels an arm wrapping around his waist. And then, he feels something else.

"Jongin." Sehun breathes calmly. "I don't think Luhan will be happy about it."

"I went to his desk just now." Just as he had expected, Jongin chuckles and whispers to his ear naughtily. "He's reading another book."

Luhan is the bookkeeper in the old, dusty but still functional bookshop at the corner of their small town. The same bookshop they are currently in. The town is a little dot in the map of Korea; a little northwest and close to the shore. It's almost nonexistent; in fact its residents are almost just enough to fill a classroom or two. That to everyone who lives in the town, nobody is a stranger. Everyone knows each other and is aware of who is the friend of who.

As regular visitors of the shop, Sehun and Jongin are sometimes looked at as the closest people to Luhan next to Minseok. Though Minseok is the only person who can really initiate a lasting conversation with Luhan, it's not fully necessarily true. At least the part where Sehun and Jongin are involved. Indeed, Sehun and Jongin frequent Luhan's shop, but it is only because Sehun is a huge lover of old stories. He would always be sitting in the History section after his shift and Jongin would regularly appear at some point. Luhan has been used to it that he doesn't seem to mind how the two would always show up in his shop without buying anything anyway. It's not like Luhan is concerned about getting profit with his job. It's obvious the guy is just fascinated with books more than Sehun is and he would normally be found at the front desk reading a book without sparing even just a glance at his customers.

Jongin doesn't mind. It gives him a chance to use Luhan's quietness and lack of interest in anyone to his advantage.

Which brings them back to Sehun's whole back being pressed harder against Jongin's front deep in the bookshop. Jongin inches closer from behind him and Sehun couldn't deny how the thing poking him from behind turns him on.

"We just have to be quiet." Jongin adds in a whisper with a smirk evident in his tone. The younger sighs and immediately closes his eyes when he feels Jongin's lips slowly making random patterns on the skin at the back of his neck.

It starts from his nape until Jongin reaches behind his ear, his breath softly tickling his now growing sensitive flesh. Jongin slightly nibbles on the soft shell of his ear before he takes out his tongue to poke him by the hole of his ear. A shiver runs down Sehun's spine and he could feel himself going hard at the show Jongin is trying to put up. He presses his back on Jongin's heating body, hand clasping the hand wrapped around his waist to express the need to hold onto something while he gulps away the strange feeling in his stomach.

In a swift movement of Jongin's hand, Sehun is facing him. He could see the emotions running in Jongin's hooded eyes and it invites him to close the distance between them. So he does. He captures Jongin's lips in a matter of seconds before Jongin has turned the tables again.

The darker of the two pushes Sehun on the shelf, the rack breaking onto Sehun's skin hard but his mind is too preoccupied with Jongin's lips on his and the hands groping his flesh from the back. Sehun's eyes are tightly shut. He could feel the shelf marking his skin and pressing harder on his spine but his fingers find themselves tangling with Jongin's locks rather than pushing him away on his chest. With Jongin a lot closer to him, their crotches rubbing against each other and their faces forming angles that would give them 0 distance from each other, Sehun feels his desire turning into need. The fingers that were once locked on Jongin's hair are now pressed firmly on his nape to kiss the other better. The kiss is so rough that Sehun is sure his lips would bruise in the morning but he couldn't care less now that Jongin has broken the kiss and is focusing on rubbing himself on Sehun. Head thrown back from the feeling of ecstasy, Jongin clutches Sehun's hips in a way that will definitely leave marks on his skin as he continues to roll his hips in an erratic motion.

The hitched breaths echo in the empty History section as Sehun leans forward to capture Jongin's mouth again. Both of them are still breathless from the previous kiss but they're both known for being insatiable.

"I thought Luhan won't be happy about it." Jongin taunts Sehun as he unbuckles his jeans, pressing his lips harder on the other when he hears the tiny click of his belt.

"Shut up. He's reading a book." Sehun bites his lover's bottom lip harshly before fishing his hands into Jongin's pants. The rough material drops to his knees along with the clanging belt on the floor, leaving Jongin in his red boxers. Apparently, it's Jongin's favorite color on himself too.

Sehun's slender fingers immediately tease Jongin's clothed crotch, palming him through the fabric that's starting to form a tent. With eyes tightly shut, Jongin moans, his face scrunched up in bliss as Sehun continues to stroke his bulge in a steady rhythm. The younger leans into his neck and starts lapping at the exposed skin near his collar with his tongue. His touches are starting to get rougher as Jongin is getting harder by the minute. He follows them with kitten-ish licks, targeting the protruding bone below the expanse of his neck which drive Jongin over the edge. It appears that Sehun has gotten hold of his head from underneath his boxers, hand fully disappearing inside it, thumb sliding through the slit over and over again.

The hands grabbing him by the waist are starting to get more violent making Sehun wince at the pain of Jongin's nails digging through his skin. He returns the favor by giving him a long, slow tug to and fro the base of his cock. The action gives him the reaction he's looking for. Jongin throws himself at Sehun, head burying in between his neck and shoulder as he pulls Sehun's hips closer to his until he's rubbing himself on him again.

There's sweat dripping on the sides of Jongin's forehead and he knows it's not the aircon malfunctioning. The bookshop might be old and rusty but the heat is definitely not coming from the broken air condition. Getting over his slight minor orgasm, his boxers now obviously stained with pre-cum, he pushes himself off of Sehun before tugging at Sehun's cottony pants that he wears to work at the diner. He pulls on the string to loosen the knot before he pushes the waistband down his legs to his knees, revealing milky white thighs that only he can put a mark on.

But marking him on his thighs or anywhere for that matter isn't in Jongin's mind at the moment. There's only one thing he needs and aches to do now. Tugging at Sehun's underwear, it goes down with his pants not a second later. Jongin flips Sehun by a twist of the hand and Sehun is already pressed on the shelf, his back on him.

A grunt escapes Sehun's lips. Jongin likes it rough sometimes and this is one of the times that he's not in the mood to be Prince Charming at the moment. Grasping the shelf at the level of his chest, he prepares for Jongin's entrance. With both hands holding Sehun's cheeks apart, Jongin buries himself into him with ease, earning a long shaky exhale of breath from the one under him. He lets Sehun relax around his cock a little before he pulls out almost entirely and slams back into his ass. Sehun feels the hardness of Jongin hitting him solid, his walls clenching and unclenching every time Jongin pushes back and forth into his hole.

The pace starts to pick up more and Sehun feels like he would break the wooden shelf under his tight clutch as Jongin slams back to him from behind. The feeling is starting to build in his stomach again and he could tell Jongin is still far from his climax as he feels his length get bigger and harder inside him, not giving up as Sehun tightens his walls around him.

"J-jongin." Sehun cries when he hits the spot a few moments later, his speed has entirely reached a new level. The shelf is starting to shake and he's afraid that if Jongin doesn't slow down, it'll collapse and they'll fall on top of it.

Biting the fairer skin's shoulder, Jongin increases his speed, feeling the need to release his aching cock. "Just... a few... more."

The words come out in hitched, breaking breaths and Jongin has never worked this hard before to make them both cum. It excites him more.

"I- don't want to... cum at... the boo-- books, Jongin." It takes all of Sehun's energy to say what he wants to say as his vision starts to blur and stars are exploding right before them. He holds himself more because he knows Luhan would never welcome them back to his shop if he dirties any of his books. They might be old but Luhan has definitely cared more about his books than any of the residents of their town.

At the sound of his plea, Jongin pulls Sehun with him, not pulling away at all, and brings his lover to the floor. Bending over him while Sehun finds himself on all fours, Jongin finds the right position. He resumes pretty quickly to his pace, rolling his hips on Sehun's back with a slapping sound of skin to skin.

"I'm almost..." Jongin pushes himself to his limit, releasing the monster in him as he rocks as fast and as hard as a beast on Sehun's back. Like he always does when he can’t control it. Reaching out to Sehun's front, he grips the other's forgotten cock sticking to his own stomach. Positioning it in his palm expertly, he tugs at it almost as fast as his thrusts, sending Sehun in a frenzy, unable to control himself. In a few strokes, Sehun is coming hot and sticky white semen on the floor, forming a little pool of strings under him as his sweat rolls down the side of his face. His limbs have collapsed and Jongin is only pulling his hips up to meet his thrusts so he could come soon too.

With little effort, Sehun pushes himself towards Jongin's hips to aid him to release. As weak as he is at the moment, he tries to ride Jongin's cock with little movements and while Jongin is trying his best to get himself off too, Sehun moans his name in the most erotic way he's ever had. The way his length comes in and out in slick movements hitting the base give Sehun the feeling of paradise that he only gets in dreams; the ones where he meets snow.

By the help of the image of a wet Sehun moaning his name that flashed in Jongin's head, he comes inside Sehun's warm hole; the white sticky fluid seeping around his crack as he comes a huge load. Panting, he slows down to ride his orgasm until he's boneless and limp from the whole sex.

Hushing each other with a sloppy kiss, they find themselves chuckling to each other. “Sex in the library should be banned. It’s impossible to stay quiet.”

The History section stays silent and clean as Jongin and Sehun walk to the front, to where Luhan is sitting unsuspectingly with his elbows propped on the arms of his chair, a huge book resting on his hands. They don't give each other goodbyes nor a nod to acknowlegde one another; the visitors usually leave while Luhan unconcernedly lets them go. This is probably the first time Sehun and Jongin are walking straight up to where Luhan is and stopping by his desk. The silent man brings down his book to look at the two people, one beaming at him, standing before him.

His eyes flicker for a second in what Sehun thinks is surprise; those doe eyes staring back at them softly and not as cold as people whisper behind his back. It's only the first time Sehun has stepped up to talk to Luhan. He usually is the kind of guy who gives off the vibe of "I have no time to talk to you" that no one actually does aside from his friend, Minseok. But observing his soft facial features and the twinkle in his eyes while he's a desk away from him, Sehun realizes Luhan isn't really that kind of guy everybody makes him seem to be.

"Hi." Sehun greets him in a friendly manner with Jongin standing behind him, quiet and looking exhausted.

The twinkle in Luhan's eyes change from bright to uninterested and Sehun thinks maybe he's wrong after all. The eyes his staring at now are blank and empty, the hoods half covering his previous warm doe eyes. Maybe, Luhan's just really not used to having people around him.

"I would like to purchase this book." The book makes a sound as it meets the wooden desk with a soft flop, a few dust flying as it collides a little hard on the smooth surface of the table. It's the same old and tattered book Sehun has been eyeing back in the History section before Jongin came and made love to him, as he would like to call it.

Luhan's face lights up as he watches the dirty book with admiration. Sehun knows the book isn't a beauty in terms of appearance so he doesn't understand why Luhan is looking at it like a magical piece of object; but maybe, maybe he sees it the way he does. Maybe he gets the same feel from it, a magnetic pull that instantly grabs his attention to take it home and study it. But Sehun mentioned nothing about it when he told Jongin he wants to get the book right after they managed to clean the floor with a few torn papers Jongin took from a loose book with its pages falling apart from the spine. He only said he finds it interesting and that the older boy owes him by making him cum in a public place so the book is just a good enough payment for it.

He will never tell him it's because he can hear it calling to him.

"I'm sorry, you can't purchase this book." It makes Sehun curious as he realizes that Luhan's voice is as soft as his eyes just a few moments ago. He basks in his amazement at how such a soft and delicate person can exist when the guy's words drown his train of thought.

With a confused face, he asks. "Why?"

"This book is not for sale. I'm sorry." Luhan starts to take the book away but Sehun grabs the other end just in time.

"I... I want it." Sehun's voice has turned a little higher as he looks at Jongin for help. The other immediately cuts in.

"I'm sorry, but he wants to get it. I will pay for it." The slightly older of the other two steps up to explain the situation to Luhan. It's not like Luhan has ever stopped anyone from buying before, not that there has been many ocassions that it has happened, but he's still not going to let this go easily. Besides, Sehun looks like he really wants it. He saw him looking at it when he came earlier.

The calm and composed face of Luhan shifts from Sehun to Jongin, eyes gazing at him scrutinizingly. There goes the twinkle in his eyes again before they go blank the second time.

"I'm sorry." Luhan tugs at the book effortlessly and pulls it towards himself, as if protecting it from anything that would try to steal it. "But want doesn't cut it."

The heartbreak is evident on Sehun's face. The confusion written all over it as Luhan turns back to face him.

"The Savior must need it."

Seconds tick by as the two look at him with no understanding of what he meant by that.

"Well, I understand why people avoid him now." Jongin is crossing the street with Sehun to the younger's house. Their hands linked with each other as they pass by the diner that Sehun works at. They walk further to the corner until they reach a cozy humble house. Walking to the door up to the front porch, Jongin faces his boyfriend before smiling at him.

"Don't be sad anymore. That book doesn't look that interesting anyway." He plants a kiss on the tip of his nose.

What was supposed to be an innocent show of affection becomes a little battle of the tongues in a minute. Sehun is clutching Jongin by his collar as he tastes his mouth that he strongly remembers from earlier.

"Take care on your way home." Sehun scrunches up his nose cutely as he lets go of Jongin, waving at him by the door.

"I'll see you again tomorrow."

Ring ring ring.

There goes his alarm again. Why does it always have to set off at the part where his dream is getting better? This time, the whole town is covered with snow. He is this close to touching one on his own, to feel how it feels and to-

The alarm rings louder this time.

He opens his eyes at once. There, in front of his face is his lover's. Sehun doesn't forget to look at the clock behind him.


Feeling the soft warm lips grazing over his, Sehun lets himself be drowned in Jongin's morning kisses. It feels like a long time since he's touched, kissed, tasted him. But his fuzzy memory tells him they were together just yesterday.

Yes, they were together the day before this. And the day before yesterday. And the other day before that. He remembers that clearly.

Sehun sighs, as Jongin devours his lips like there's no tomorrow. How long have they been in bed? Shouldn't he be dressing up for work now?

The tongue starts gliding from one corner of his lip to the other. Sehun tries to kiss back until Jongin is pulling away now. The latter grins up at him.

"Good morning." He croaks as the sleep in his voice is still there. Sehun smiles.

Looking at his bedside table, he glances up at the clock.



Sehun creases his forehead.


Comes Jongin's sleepy voice followed by a tired yawn.

The question has always been in the back of his mind but he never remembers to ask it. It's about time he does now. It's weird that he wakes up at exactly the same time as every other day. He looks back at Jongin.

"When did the clock stop working?"

They both look at the clock at the sidetable.

Still 7:O5.

And then, a curious unprecedented thought occurs to Sehun.


Did it ever start moving?"

To be continued... the more far far faaar future.

This is a linked fic to Open Season, and I know it doesn't make sense like the first one. Lol this happens before Open Season though if it helps with understanding it at all. It's just a WIP I want to finish and it ended up like this ;_; Bye.

I got the title from Ivy by High Highs.
Tags: ivy, kai, sehun, sekai
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