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Talking Kai

Title: Talking Kai
Pairing: Sehun/Kai, Sehun/Jongin
Rating: G
Summary: In which Kai is a talking Sim in Sehun's most loved, more than how much he loves his bestfriend, and trusted iPad.

"Congratulations! You've successfully downloaded Talking Kai."

Sehun was curious. He recently got the new iPad and all he ever did the whole day was download games and apps onto his smooth scratch-free white Apple product he named Paddy for reasons. He stretched his hands to flex them before continuing on to discover the latest app he had installed in his new baby.

Talking Kai

Enter your name: ___

Sehun typed in his name: S e h u n

Hi, Sehun! You are now Kai's master.

A face of a good-looking boy appeared on the screen, his confident smile and blinking eyes matching up beautifully his sleek pushed back dark hair. His skin is tanned, his lips are plush, and his nose is cutely round which suit his mesmerizing dark orbs of eyes. It opened its mouth and Sehun found himself surprised when it spoke in a slightly big deep voice.

"Good afternoon, Sehun!"

Sehun's lips formed an o and then a smile when he realized what the app is about. It talks, and it knows what time of the day it already is.

"Good afternoon, too!" He giggled.

"Good afternoon, too!" The sim repeated in his own automated voice.

"Oh." Sehun discovered.

"Oh." Came the echo.

Sehun nodded curiously. He just realized the Talking Sim repeats everything he says to him. It probably is only programmed to speak on its own every time he opens the app as a welcome greeting.

Sehun read the app's name above the face.

"Talking Kai. So is your name Kai?"

"Talking Kai. So is your name Kai?" It repeated in a deep manly voice.

An idea popped in Sehun's head.

"Yes, Kai is my name."

"Yes, Kai is my name."

Sehun laughed at Kai's innocent face.

Kai echoed his laugh.

"Shh, stop copying me."

"Shh, stop copying me."

Sehun laughed the second time. He couldn't hold it in seeing Kai's masculine face repeat his words with a straight face.

Kai laughed again.

"Sehun is really good-looking."

"Sehun is really good-looking."

"I am so happy."

"I am so happy."

Sehun burst out laughing at Kai's straight emotionless face when he said it. He can't stop laughing when Kai echoed again another of his laughs.

"You are so funny." Sehun commented and he snorted when Kai came to repeat it with blank eyes.

That's when Sehun realized there were little face buttons at the side. Facial expressions.

Sehun nodded his head in understanding with a silent "oh~" before he touched the second button. Happy.

Kai's lips curved upwards, his eyes sparkly when he blinks and he smiles widely revealing a set of white teeth at random times.

"Now you're really happy." Sehun clapped his hands once.

"Now you're really happy."

"Oops. Now I'm happy."

"Oops. Now I'm happy."

Sehun facepalmed himself. He looked at Kai's endearing smile before he touched the home button and Kai's face disappeared to be replaced by his home screen.

"We'll talk again next time, Kai." He put his Paddy in between his underarm and body as he walked back towards his room.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

Kai's voice welcomed Sehun on the third day. He regularly talks to Kai now, every morning, every noon, every free time, every night, even every time he just couldn't sleep.

"Good morning, sunshine!"

"Good morning, sunshine!"

Sehun decided he loves Kai's happy face the most so he barely switches his face back to normal mode. He did try the other facial expressions available: sad (which he didn't really like just because) and angry (which he found really funny but not all the time). So he figured his happy face is the most handsome face he could wear and settled for that. In fact, he really loved his smile the most.

"I'm going to school today so I'll see you at lunch."

"I'm going to school today so I'll see you at lunch." That boyish smile always made Sehun smile.

"Okay, Sehun hwaiting!"

"Okay, Sehun hwaiting!" Sehun nodded pleasingly as he pressed the home button and tucked Paddy back into his bag.

"Sehun will do well, Kai."


Sehun turned his head to find Jongin waving at him from the other side of the cafeteria. Sehun craned his neck to see that he was alone at the table and had saved a seat for him. He walked towards him.

"What took you so long?" Jongin scrunched up his face as he looked at his friend who only shrugged and put down his bag on the table itself.

Jongin is Sehun's closest friend, for the record. They've been classmates and good friends for more than half of Sehun's life and sometimes he wondered how his life could have turned if he had never met Jongin during that one day in preschool? Maybe he'll be less in trouble and more-- more what though? More in peace and quiet? True, his life would have turned a hundred and eighty degrees if he had never met Jongin, but he probably wouldn't like that kind of life either. Sehun had long decided that he'll take the way to Jongin if he had a second chance anyway. He had concluded that his life will be in the grave by now if he lived without Jongin, maybe because Jongin's the one who gives life to the both of them after all. Although oftentimes, he mixes that life with some bitterness and spice. Sehun couldn't complain, nonetheless. He wants some action sometimes too.

Sehun glanced at his bestfriend who only looked displeased at his tardiness, which made him miss the chance to get the double chocolate sandwhich for free during the happy minute (where the cafeteria gives free extra food during the first minute of 12 noon, in which Jongin could have fallen in line to if he wasn't saving a seat for his insensitive bestfriend).

"I'll get you a double chocolate sandwich in return for waiting for me."


"Fine, triple."

"Okay. Let's eat." Jongin smiled and rushed to the queue to get himself and Sehun some lunch. He always knows what Sehun wants. Jongin would take everything with the rich amount of carbs and proteins, which means rice and extra rice, sandwiches, and meat meat meat. Sehun then would want everything Jongin dislikes, mainly vegetables, fruits and salads. That's just how Jongin would differentiate their taste and when he comes back with their tray of food, Sehun would take his part and eat in total silence. He knew Sehun too well.

"I got the triple chocolate sandwich. You don't mind, right?" Jongin sat back and distributed the dishes on the tray to themselves.

Sehun nodded and watched his bestfriend dig in earnestly. Jongin is the type who doesn't really know how to care for his looks. He is good-looking if he knew how to fix himself. Not that Sehun is an expert in that aspect, he can barely fix himself too but he thinks he looks more decent at least, but Sehun knows Jongin could definitely catch anyone's attention if he matures a bit. Jongin is the carefree, happy-go-lucky type. He has soft curly hair, and his fringe messily gets into his eyes. He has a good jawline but his foolish and snarky grins would always cover that good feature of him. He also has warm tender eyes, but no one really focuses on them much because not much people would want to look him in the eyes, afraid he would pull a prank on them or just anything stupid that they expect him to do. Maybe it's that side of Jongin that turned Sehun into who he is now.

Sehun is the quiet, shy type of person who only looks at people when they talk to him. Sometimes people mistake him for being a cold guy, but in reality he's just not a good talker. It's Jongin who is, so he let's him do all the talking for him, which would always result to people dropping off the subject and walking away. It didn't bother Sehun at all, that way he could return to doing what he's doing in peace and Jongin would just do some random dance while he listens to his iPod.

Sehun fixed his glasses, it's become a habit to wear them even though he's had contact lenses for a few years now, and rumagged his bag after they sat on the bench under the shade of a tree in front of their building. He took out his new baby and Jongin winced at the choice of color of his smart cover, yellow.

"You know, pink would really look better on Paddy."

"Yellow looks fine." Sehun turned his baby in his hands before opening it and propping it up on the bench in front of him. He touched the first app he would always visit.

"Good afternoon, Sehun!"

A smile easily crept up on Sehun's face as Kai blinked slowly, batting his lashes gracefully, and smiling up at his master.

Jongin, who was instantly intrigued by the talking thing in Sehun's Paddy, peeked from behind and saw a guy's face on the screen.

"Who's that?" Jongin asked inquisitively at his bestfriend.

"Who's that?" Kai repeated.

Sehun chuckled. "He's asking you who you are, Jongin."

"He's asking you who you are, Jongin." The boyish smile on Kai's face looked as if he was joking  playfully with Sehun.

"What is that?" Jongin was totally interested now so he shifted next to Sehun and watched the screen.

"What is that?" Kai said.

"Is that a human parrot?" Jongin pointed at Kai's face and looked at Sehun foolishly. His face looked funnier when he heard Kai repeat what he just said.

"Dumb. He's Talking Kai." Sehun explained and Kai came to echo him.

"Talking Kai. So he just talks all his life?" Jongin ignored Kai's voice which just copied his words.

"Of course not. He's like a real person too. Eats, drinks, sleeps, bathes." That was what Sehun discovered beforehand which got him more addicted to the app. "Seriously, he's like a living human trapped inside this fab Apple glass."

"If he eats, does he brush his teeth too then?" Jongin challenged.

Sehun raised a brow. "Of course he does."

Jongin let out a tiny "oh." He gave Kai the dirty look when it finished copying his 'oh'.

"Look." Sehun demonstrated and touched the plate button. The background changed into a dining room with plates and glasswares behind. Kai was seated in front of a table, his hands positioned to both sides of his plate full of food and he started eating with his spoon and fork, elegantly. He chewed on his food for a few minutes before taking his glass to drink, and finally pulling a napkin and gently dabbing his mouth with it gently.

Kai sighed in satisfaction and gave Sehun a smile.

"See?" Sehun spoke proudly as he touched the toothbrush button. It showed Kai facing the bathroom mirror and brushing his teeth in front of the sink. When he finished, he smiled widely to show his beautiful white teeth, a sparkle appearing somewhere with a matching chiming sound.

Sehun tried to hold himself from wanting to squish Kai on the screen for being so adorably cute.

Jongin had been resting his chin on Sehun's shoulder from behind ever since while he watched what Kai can do.

"How about this?" Jongin sneaked his hand from behind Sehun's arm and touched the shower button.

Kai immediately appeared in a bathrobe in front of the shower door. He blushed and made a "no-no" gesture with his finger naughtily, wagging it from left to right before stepping inside the shower. The glass surrounding it was blurry and only Kai's head was visible on the screen.

"He said no peeking." Sehun giggled and looked at Jongin who wasn't exactly amused at the failed funny gesture (at least for him) that Kai pulled.

"He's boring." Jongin yawned and stretched his limbs, pulling away from Sehun before checking his watch.

"We're going to be late. If you don't tell Kai to hurry up bathing, he'll have to stay naked until later."

Sehun playfully shoved his bestfriend. He touched the screen once and Kai's shower act was cut, his happy face appearing once more and ready to talk.

"I need to go. See you later."

"I need to go. See you later."

With that, Sehun carefully tucked Kai and his Paddy back inside his bag. He and Jongin walked back together to their classroom, Jongin trying to imitate Kai's smile and deep voice, in which he failed miserably.

When an update notification bubble appeared on the Talking Kai app, to say that Sehun was jumping in joy was an understatement. He immediately hopped off of his bed and sat on the floor (which was weirdly comfier according to him) and updated his Paddy. It didn't take long before he could see Kai's face again and hear his enticing greeting.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

"Good morning!" After Kai repeated him, Sehun immediately explored the two new additional faces at the side. Aside from normal, happy, sad, angry, he now has silly and crying too.

The silly face cracked Sehun up when Kai's eyes met at the center with his tongue out. He was swaying his head from side to side in idle mode. Sehun couldn't cover his mouth anymore so he laughed loudly, and seeing Kai laugh out too with the silly expression sent tears to his eyes. It was too funny to handle so he switched it back to the happy face. He wasn't in the mood to put Kai into a crying mode after that much laughing.

The update also added a wardrobe feature where he can finally choose Kai's clothes, from casual to formal, swimwear, and pajamas. Sehun chose formal and Kai turned around to show his new black bow and tuxedo off. It looks dashing on him so he let him be dressed that way for a while.

Days passed and Sehun officially obsessed himself with Talking Kai. He always talks to him even when he's in the bathroom, when he's eating, when he's going to sleep, even when he's with Jongin doing their homework together. At first, Jongin didn't mind. He found it really amusing that sometimes he throws snarky comments like "I'm so ugly", "I love booger" and his favorite "Jongin is perfect" just to hear Kai say it and insult himself. However, it got so boring and old to him that Jongin didn't give any more mean comments, partly also because Sehun had grown so fond of Kai that he sometimes gets really mad at Jongin for forcing Kai to say such things. He claimed Kai is not just some thing he could toy around. With that, Jongin surrendered and didn't, in Sehun's term, bother Kai anymore. It was a simple fondness at first, but it grew into some sort of addiction that Jongin couldn't understand. Sehun rarely talks to him anymore, he's sure he talks to Kai more than to him nowadays. Sehun didn't really care, he enjoyed every bit of it. Sehun thinks he's seeing a real living behind that glass, he talks to him, answers everything he wants to hear, and smile for him when he's just silent and wants peace.

Sehun had developed feelings for his talking Sim. He can't name it, but he feels as if Kai fills the gap that creates a hole in his being. As if Kai completes him. Jongin didn't really want to speak against it until that day came.

"Sehun~" Jongin whined when Sehun lovingly stared at his Kai.

"I said let's watch a movie." Jongin nudged Sehun at the back who didn't even turn to acknowledge his presence.


"Sehunnnnnn~" Kai echoed.

"Shut up!" Jongin snapped at the face on the screen. It ticked Sehun off. He carefully closed the smart cover before turning to Jongin.

"What is your problem?"

"You, what's your problem?" Jongin asnwered defensively.

"Just go home, Jongin." Sehun pushed Jongin by the shoulder.

The other didn't take it lightly.

"What do you think are you doing?" Jongin half-shouted. "That's all who you talk to. It's not even alive, Sehun. Have you gone crazy?"

Sehun was offended. "Who are you to judge what he is. Look at yourself first! He's even better than you, Jongin. He's not a pain in the ass, he listens to me well, and he doesn't overshadow me." Before Sehun knew it, he was shouting at him.

"He stays as a really good friend. Unlike you. You only cause me trouble. Always almost getting us into fights, scandals, that can lead to expulsion. You're a childish brat who only knows how to have fun but you don't even care about the people around you. Why don't you mature a bit huh, Jongin? You're too pathetic. Sometimes I wish you weren't my friend!" Sehun didn't know where the anger came from, but the moment all those words came out of his mouth, he wanted to take them all back. But Jongin was already red in the face and there's no way he'd understand whatever explanation Sehun can come up with in the next minute. So Sehun just bit his tongue and let his anger wash him up.

Maybe it's true that he's jealous of Jongin sometimes. That people talk to him, even if he's really naughty, naïve, and even annoying, people still prefer to talk to him rather than to him, Sehun. Maybe it's also how Jongin could do risky things so carefree-ly without having any guilt in him, where Sehun would always be the one worrying and be full of anxieties that they might get expelled after what they did. Maybe it's how even after all Jongin has done with his life, some people still like him better than Sehun, just as how Sehun likes him better than himself. Maybe it's all because Sehun knows that Jongin is better than him in everything. And Kai, even though far more perfect than his seemingly good for nothing bestfriend, is still inferior to Sehun. Sehun is his master and he will always listen to him.

Jongin threw a disgusted look at Sehun's overly protected Paddy.

"It's just a game, Sehun." He didn't shout back at him nor worse, punch him. But instead, he spoke in a whisper as if in defeat.

"At least now I know." Jongin stepped back before giving a last glance at his bestfriend for half his life. He lowered his gaze and turned his back, going straight for the door and since then, Sehun knew, his only bestfriend now is living behind a glass.

Sehun tried his best to forget about Jongin. He wasn't going to take back any of what he said, he decided. He's not the only one at fault. If Jongin had only realized what Sehun's feelings really are, maybe he wouldn't have boiled up this much. He sighed and looked at the happy face of Kai. Kai sighed too.

"Thanks Kai. You never left me." He looked straight into those warm dark eyes that stared back.

"Thanks Kai. You never left me."

Sehun sighed.

Time passed by and Sehun had been feeling lonely. He changed Kai's face back to normal mode. He couldn't stand seeing him always happy when he's not feeling that happy himself.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

It became a daily mantra, the first voice that Sehun hears every time he wakes up.

"Good afternoon, Sehun!"

When Sehun didn't have anything else to do because he usually just hung out with Jongin at this time.

"Good evening, Sehun!"

When Sehun couldn't sleep yet so he took a look at Kai.

"Good night, Sehun!"

It's accompanied by a yawn as Sehun touched the Sleep command and Kai lies on his bed, closing his eyes until his face is void of any emotion.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

Close. Open.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

Close. Open.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

Close. Open.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

Sehun closed the iPad, and opened it again.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

Sehun stared at the blank face of Kai. Lately, he only listened to Kai's greetings rather than talk to him. He didn't feel like communicating with Kai when all he told him back is just exactly what he said.

That afternoon, Sehun propped himself up on his bed, his stomach lying flat against the soft mattress, and watched Kai blink back at him.

He picked the sad face.

"Do you miss him?" Sehun asked the pitiful face of the handsome Kai.

"Do you miss him?" Kai repeated with his lips directed downwards, frowning.

"I do." Sehun whispered and buried his face on his crossed arms in front of him. He did. He missed Jongin so much that even Kai can't do anything about it. He regretted everything he told him. He was stupid to let his anger go on him like that. He was too careless that he wasn't able to say his other feelings for him.

"I do." Kai repeated and Sehun looked up at his screen with a frown.

Maybe Jongin was right. Kai is just a game.

Sehun hugged his Paddy close to his chest as he leaned on the couch with his knees pulled up. It's been days since he had last talked to Kai. He didn't know what to say to him anymore. It's at this time that he wished Kai didn't only repeat what his master told him, he wished Kai can give real comforting words to him.

By that time, Sehun had fully realized what Jongin meant. Kai is just a game. Because right now, he missed Jongin's hand on him. Jongin's fingers curled between his while he rested his chin on his soulder as they watched a random movie shown on TV. He missed his breath blowing in his ear whenever he let out a gasp when the scene's a shocker. He missed the way Jongin pats him on the head when the movie is a horror film and Sehun is left to whimper in panic. Most especially, Sehun missed Jongin's arms wrapped tightly around him when Sehun is sad, down, or scared. Jongin is right. Kai is just a game. Cause Kai can't do any of those for him. Cause Kai can only echo what he hears. He doesn't know what any of those mean, he only follows whatever is programmed in him.

Sehun wanted to sit with Jongin again in the cafeteria and be accused of being the reason why he wasn't able to grab happy minute's featured snack.

Sehun wanted to laugh aloud with Jongin again so he can finally hear a genuine human laugh for the first time again.

Sehun wanted to hug Jongin again so he can finally tell him what he truly feels. He wasn't really being true to himself and thought that he could forget the years old feelings he had for him after hiding it for such a long time.

Sehun wanted to have Jongin by his side again. Or else he would lose the chance to tell him that he loves him. A little too much.

Sehun opened his Paddy once again and opened Talking Kai. There was another update but he didn't intend to install it now.

"Good morning, Sehun!"

"Hi." Sehun greeted.


His sad face looked back at Sehun.

"I'm going to talk to Jongin today."

"I'm going to--"

Sehun cut him by talking again.

"Do you think he'll talk to me again?"

"Do you think he'll talk to me again?"

Sehun wanted to answer for himself so Kai would actually say yes. But his response isn't important now. It's not Kai's yes that he wanted to hear. It's Jongin's.

He stared at Kai's handsome face again.

"Thank you, Kai. For everything. And--"

Sehun paused.

"Thank you, Kai. For every--"

Sehun interrupted when he touched the crying button. A tear slowly flowed out of Kai's right eye.

"Goodbye." Another tear fell from Kai's left eye and Sehun closed the app before Kai could even repeat his last word.

He held the home button and hovered over the wobbling Talking Kai icon. The feelings he had grown for Kai were all too fictitious. They weren't true.

But it didn't stop a tear from escaping Sehun's eye. He pressed the x button on the app icon. And suddenly, there's Talking Kai no more.

He took a deep breath. Only Jongin knows what will happen next.

Jongin rushed to the cafeteria at exactly 11:59AM. He wasn't going to make it again. He ran to almost every student on the way and when he reached the cafeteria door, it was already past 12:01.

"Damnit." Jongin put his hands in his pockets and went straight to the table at the other side of the hall. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Sehun sitting on his usual seat with his back turned to Jongin. Jongin thought twice before turning back and walking away.

Sehun looked around on time to see Jongin leaving through the door. His heart fell as he stood and ran for him.

"Jongin." He called.

Jongin didn't look back. Instead he turned a corner and disappeared. Sehun followed.

He almost toppled over when he came face to face with Jongin who had an annoyed face on.

"What do you want?"

Sehun bit his lip. "I got on time."

Jongin's brows creased in confusion.

Sehun brought his palm up. "It's vanilla sandwich today."

The other's face softened up at Sehun's sincerity. Sehun straightened up when Kai didn't say anything.

"You asked me what I want."

Jongin just looked at him.

"I want you back." Sehun said straightforwardly. Something he wouldn't have been able to do before.

"I was jealous of you, Jongin." Sehun admitted. "Jealous because you were just you. You lived being true to yourself while I was having a hard time to be myself. You didn't care about what others think of you, you just lived like how you wanted to live your life. While I just followed you and wasn't able to make my own life. I lived in your shadow because I was weak and I had no one. But you. In the end, because of my weakness, I pushed away even the only living thing who actually cares for me. You don't know how much I missed you when you were gone."

Jongin blinked once and continued to stare at Sehun's eyes.

"I'm jealous because the person I myself love the most isn't me, but you. Maybe it's just all my insecurities. But despite everything, the only security I can find is with you. You'll probably hate me after you hear this but-"

"I'm in love with you Jong--"

Jongin didn't let him finish when he pulled Sehun for a kiss. Their lips met and it shocked Sehun that he stayed still and froze at Jongin's very close contact. Jongin's lips mold firmly and fittingly with Sehun's lips and they stayed like that for a little while. Sehun closed his eyes, forgetting about the vanilla sandwich in his hand as he placed his hands on Jongin's chest.

Jongin pulled away but held Sehun by the waist to look at his reaction.

Sehun's lips parted slightly as he looked for the right words to say.

"What were you saying?" Jongin asked.

"That I'm sorry." Sehun blurted out. Jongin raised a brow. "And..."

"That I'm selfishly in love with you."

Jongin smiled. "I waited for a long time."

Sehun's eyes widened.

Jongin pulled him closer. "I've always been in love with you, Sehun. You just don't see it. The reason why I kept being true to myself is because, I was hoping, that you would fall in love with the real me. No false personality nor programmed persona, just me."

Sehun's lip quivered but he bit back his tears.

"I'm sorry Jongin." He buried his head in Jongin's neck.

Jongin enveloped him in his arms and patted him on the back.

"You are beautiful inside Sehun. You don't have to struggle to be who you want to be. I love you just the way you are. "

Sehun cried in his arms. Jongin took his face into his hands and smiled.

"Don't cry."

Sehun sniffed. Jongin tipped his chin and kissed him firmly. Their lips touching gently and passionately at the same time. Sehun pushed himself closer when Jongin tasted him with his tongue. When they pulled away, Jongin cocked a brow playfully.

"You liar. They didn't serve vanilla sandwich today."

Sehun pulled an innocent face.

"I can taste the vanilla in your mouth. No one can take two pieces from happy minute. It's one per person. You obviously just bought it from the stand."

Sehun shrugged. "They served ice cream today and I wasn't sure what time you were coming, so I thought ice cream wasn't a good choice. If you arrived late, it would have all melted then."

Jongin looked at his innocent looking bestfriend, probably now boyfriend, with amused eyes.

"So how's Kai?"

Jongin asked as they headed back to Sehun's house, his arm slung around his boyfriend.

"Kai's gone."

"You mean dead?"

"I mean deleted."

"Oh." Jongin let out that tiny oh again.

"You missed him?" Sehun asked teasingly.

"Nah. I just wanted to tell him something."

"What's that?"

Jongin stopped and tightened his grip on Sehun's shoulder.

"That you're mine and he's not your baby anymore." Jongin stuck out his tongue.

Sehun scrunched up his nose at the cheesiness. "You do realize he'll just repeat what you said."

Jongin thought for a moment. "Oh yeah."

Sehun pinched his cheek and pecked him there. He thought his Jongin is a lot adorably cuter than Kai anyway.

"Good morning, Sehun and Jongin!"

Kai's face appeared on Sehun's pink-clothed Paddy.

"Hi ugly." Jongin instantly replied and Sehun punched him, laughing.

"Hi ugly." Kai repeated.

"Just want to remind you that Sehun is mine and that you can't take him away, you piece of cartoon!" Jongin yelled jokingly at the screen and immediately closed the iPad before Kai could repeat after him.

Sehun re-downloaded Talking Kai in his Paddy with a new pink smart cover, as requested by Jongin. Sehun said he just won't admit it, but Jongin actually missed Kai's face.

Sehun just laughed at his boyfriend's silliness.

Jongin pecked him on the lips before locking him into his embrace.

"Come to think of it." Sehun wondered aloud. "You and Kai quite look the same."

Jongin rolled his eyes. "Ew no."

Sehun just giggled away.

This is prompted by my current addiction to the app, Talking Ginger. Try it and you'll understand

Three points:
1) Jongin-Sehun plot prompted by Safetysuit's Anywhere But Here in Jongin's pov.
2) It's not as fun as I thought it would be, but hey I tried.
3) This is for re_lla who's probably the first friend I had in the sekai fandom. I love her and she doesn't know just how much. (I'm sorry this is so late TT_TT)

Nana, I know sometimes I may sound so Sehun-ish (the one in this story) but I really am happy to be someone you consider a friend. I'm not good with words, and that's probably very obvious by now, so I don't know how to translate my feelings for you. LOL From now on, maybe I'll try to be more of that Naj you said you liked. You told me I was always so calm and so Naj and it surprised you when I became too spazzy on your kitty fic that one time, so I guess you'll see more of that side of me? Hopefully. Haha! Happy birthday and you know what they say, the first ones are always the best to keep! (Or maybe I just made that up, because as my first Sekai friend I intend to keep you :p) Love you, hugs!

Tags: kai, sehun, sekai, talking kai
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